LIPH is a modified value added silicon based compound. Silica is an "Essential Trace Mineral" known for bone and joint health, naturally produced within the body, and believed to diminish as we age. LIPH toxicity tests and skin corrosion tests confirm that it is completely safe. LIPH is also water soluble and easily absorbed.

Welcome to our website and to our Liph products. Cisne Enterprises and Liph is a family business. Our products are the result of many years of work by our father, Ignacio Cisneros.

He has always had an agile and inquisitive mind and looked at life to see how he can make things better or easier. Many may call him a tinker, we lovingly call him a 'mad scientist'.

While trying to work on one project, he developed an innovative process of making liquid silica. This product was high alkaline and high oxygen and had many other unique properties which led us to start working with Texas Tech University to test the product in different applications. About the same time, a seriously ill family member came to us to say his goodbyes. He had been battling for his life for many years. We were discussing the work we were doing and the product's qualities and benefits. He decided he wanted to try the product and see what it would do. He started taking the product on March 19, 2002. Within a few months he was reporting to us he was healthy and feeling better than ever. We never meant to get into the supplement business but after just that one case.....word spread..and more and more people were coming by asking for the product. We couldn't even tell them why it was working. We decided we had to find out. We started out at Anti-Cancer Lab in San Diego, then Preclinomics in Indianapolis. All great results but we still weren't answering the question of "why" it was working. There are a lot of alkaline products out there. Why was ours different?

We then went to The University of Texas in San Marcos and began our in-vitro, in-vivo and gene expression testing. The results told us exactly what was going on. It was amazing. Then we found out we couldn't post any of the results or advertise them.

By FDA/FTC law if a company or person selling anything mentions or states that it can help with cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, the Immune System or even if just states it soothes a is declared a drug.

So how do you get the word out there when you can't say anything? That is something we continue to struggle to do. We rely almost entirely on word of mouth from our great customers.

It has always been my father's and my family's mission to help people and to try and make a difference. We believe Modern Medicine has come a long way and has saved millions of people. But.....sometimes modern medicine forgets to look at the individual person as a whole entity. When one thing goes wrong it can cause havoc all over the body. With illness, time and age....a lot of things can go wrong.

That's where Liph steps in. My favorite analogy about our product comes from one of our researchers.

"Imagine everybody is a Volkswagon. Imagine dropping a Ferrari engine in that vehicle. You still just have a Volkswagon......but you have a higher efficiency, higher functioning machine."

That's what Liph is doing. Working within your own system for a higher, better functioning system.

So try Liph......for a Healthier way of Living

All our best from our family to yours.

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